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  • More power?
  • Better mileage?
  • A COOLER running engine?

Exhaust Pros
Can do for you!
  Mustangs ('82 - Now)  
  • Super Cross Flow (TM) Pipes
  • 3" Torque Tubes
    • With or without racing bullets
  • Monster chrome tips add bass to the sound
  • Racers claim they've improved speed .5 in a quarter mile
  Older Vehicles  
  • Super Flow "Y" Pipe off the engine
  • 30 - 40% increase in exhaust flow
  • Put pipe behind converter
    • Dual exhaust appearance
    • Equal flow from both sides
  Camaros, Corvettes, Novas, etc. ('82 - Now)  
  • Up to 25% more flow with our exclusive muffler
  • 3" Inlet
  • Dual 3" tail pipes
  • Big 3 1/2" 2' long chrome tips
  Brand new pickups  
  • The look and sound of duals
  • Emissions legal
  • Already changing the 's for the dealers
  Motor homes  
  • As much as 2 - 4 MPG increase
  • Just by installing our mufflers
  Low Riders  
  • Super Flow "Y" Pipe off the engine
  • Chrome tips for improved appearance

Antique Cars

  • Chrome tips add to aesthetic beauty
  • Precision work that is up to the most rigorous standards
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